Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jaron is so funny! He just does the funniest things. So here is some random pictures that we like. We are just so lucky he is such a happy boy. He is so fun. He just jabbers like crazy now and loves to copy whatever you say!

Jaron loved the bubblers. He was telling Rachael where she should put each one. It was pretty funny.

Jaron was helping my mom and dad decorate their tree!

We took Jaron to see Santa. All he really wanted was get the candy cane from Santa. He really didn't love Santa!

Brian has taught Jaron about 10 animal sounds. He does them really good. Any of you that have heard Brian's animal sounds he does an awesome job. They sound just like the animal. So Jaron does them pretty darn good too. Brian was teaching him to make a bird sound and he started doing it right back. It was so funny.

Jaron likes to feed himself now!

He does pretty good most of the time!

We went to the zoo with cyrus. They were so fun. We completely wore them out. I think they were asleep by time we left the parking lot!

Brian can't wait till Jaron can go hunting with him.
He so wanted to take him this year but I wouldn't let him. I am so mean.

For halloween Jaron was going to be a monkey but then we went to my friends house and she had a chicken costume. We put it on him and he started bawking like a chicken. So we decided to have him be a chicken. But then on halloween he wouldn't do it for anyone. Oh well we liked it anyway.
This is Jaron's 1 yr picture! Isn't he a cutie!

Jaron is getting so big.

I can't believe he is 16 months already.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Jaron is now 7 months! We just can't believe how big he is getting. He is learning so many new things all the time! It is so much fun. He loves to just sit and play with his toys. He has been sitting since he was about 4 months. And we just keep waiting for him to get tired of just sitting and playing but he is content to just sit. He loves to roll everywhere and try to get to you and his toys. He is stubborn and will crawl backwards but forwards we are still waiting for. He has now decided he likes to stand up and look around. He is starting to stand by himself for just a few seconds. Which is fun to watch. Then he is also starting to pull himself up on stuff. It is just crazy how much he is learning to do. We just love jaron and have so much fun with him.